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 Danielle Rohr

"The best singer is Danielle Rohr, who does not represent Donna Elvira as a victim, but as a strong woman with passion and an enthralling vocal presence."

Die Rheinpfalz

"...particularly Kitty Oppenheimer sung by Danielle Rohr had the audience sitting up at the premier.  Her bright, sensitive, guided mezzo-soprano brought the right mix of lyrical luminosity and chanson-ease for this stylistically diverse role."

Die Deutsche Bühne

"The young mezzo-soprano, Danielle Rohr as Rosina, uses the quirks of the staging and gives the highly vocally-demanding role shining justice in the virtuosic bel canto with her fine timbre, pearly coloratura, and fabulous cultivation of the voice."

Pforzheimer Zeitung

"The intensity of Rohr's slender mezzo-soprano, which is even-tempered even in extreme situations, fills every last corner of the opera house." 

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